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SU:M37 Water-Full Aqua Sleeping Pack

$62.00 CAD $67.00 CAD

What is it?

The SU:M37 WaterFull Aqua Sleeping Pack is a moisturizer used as the last step of your night time skincare routine.  This sleeping pack is easily absorbed, lightly scented and extremely hydrating.  You will wake up with soft, hydrated and bright skin!  As the rest of the Water-Full line, this product is formulated with many fermented ingredients and botanical extracts, including:

  • Bamboo water containing amino acids - helping to keep skin healthy and revitalized
  • Red clover flower extract - helping to promote skin's youth and vitality
  • Hibiscus flower extract - helping to maintain and provide moisture
  • Gold - silver flower - helping to minimize and diminish the appearance of pores.

    How to Use

    For the last step of your skincare routine in the evening, take out an adequate amount with the magnetic spatula apply all over your face, avoiding eyes and mouth; while applying, gently massage to allow it to be absorbed by the skin. Enjoy a good night sleep, and wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning.

  • 150 ml

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