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SU:M37 White Award Powder Enzyme Wash

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What is it?

The SU:M37 White Award Powder Enzyme Wash is a foaming cleanser that is created (yes created!) by mixing the powder provided with water.  Each tin contains 60 packets of powder which consists of 2.5 grams - about 2 - 3 uses per packet depending on how generous you are with the powder.  The enzymes, acai berry and rice extracts will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, bright and radiant!  Not to mention, you get to some fun during your skincare cleansing routine.

How to Use

The SU:M37 White Award Powder Enzyme Wash is typically used as a second cleanser, after removing makeup.  Take an ample amount of powder into your hands and add water.  The more you add, the foamier your lather becomes.  If you prefer a creamy, milkier texture, add only a few drops of water and mix.  The more water you add, the larger the lather!


1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problems arise.

60 x 1.5 grams 


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